Sunday, August 18, 2013

Do not fall in love , fall in a relationship instead.

Love is a selfish need to produce hormones so that you can feel ‘magical’.

When in love, you are known to be ready to lose almost everything else for it- be it closely guarded virtue, or relationships with parents, or career or even life.

When a bigger need for survival of own trumps this hormone addiction, love fades away, leaving you and your loved one disappointed and unhappy with each other and your own lives.

    Relationship is mutualism - benefitting both.

    Relationships are perceived to be boring and takes lot of time and effort to build.

    Being in a good relationship makes you grow personally, improves your relationships with other people, increase chances for a better career and create happiness.

    Because of the effort and time invested, relationships last longer.

      What is the difference between the terms love and relationship? 
      Falling in love requires no reasons, creating relationship are based on mutual understanding and respect. 
      Love can survive breaking of trust, but relationships don't - turning them into arrangements. 
      Love is about losing yourselves, relationship is about being yourselves while respecting the other individual’s identity. 
      Bollywood teaches about love, not even your parents teach about relationships :(

      Promote relationships.

      Do not fall in love , fall in a relationship instead

      Cookie :- Chris's views on love , relationships and women :D

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