Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Building good relationships - Part 1

In my last post, I appealed you to promote relationships. But how do you build "good" relationships with other human beings, including your spouse?

Search, and internet will give millions of mantras as how to improve relationships with your special one(s). I am not gonna tell you all those mantras. I will tell you 8 simple facts. I believe that if you accept these, it will help in your relationship.

First 2 facts are about YOU

Fact 1 :- You are an organism with "survival instinct" being your top most priority.
Millions of cells in your body depend on this instinct of yours for their own survival.
Fact 2 :- You are an organism with need to "produce offspring" being your second top most priority.
Genes in your body want to live for ever !!

You may not realize this, but most of your decisions in life will be based on these two facts:-
  1. somehow survive - physically, emotionally, financially and socially
  2. bow down to your body's desire to reproduce.

No matter what self-righteous reasons you give, fact is your core nature to treat people around you will always be based on these 2 facts.

Unless you accept these two facts!!

do not cheat and justify with self-righteous crap,
do not steal and justify with social-righteous crap,
do not lie and justify with  feminist-righteous crap.

Nobody is going to believe your justifications.
Apart from you , everybody else can see why you did what you did. And when you will put blame that "he/she does not understand you", a bridge will be created in that relationship.
Instead, accept these facts and instead of justifying, see your behavior clearly too.
Also, by not giving these excuses, you give yourself a chance to be, what you actually want to be deep inside.

What do you think, is it actually possible to not justify your actions ?

And how accepting these two facts gonna help your relationship ? 

To be continued....

Cookie :- Thats how White Blood Cells in your body, chase bacterias in the blood

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