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Building good relationships - Part 3

If haven't read part 2, click here to do so before reading this post.

Next 2 facts are about the society. Yeah the evil society !

Fact 5:  Society is a group of organism ... ok, if you have read previous posts, you already know what this fact is about. Society serves to common interests of a majority, not only yours.
Fact 6:  If you break social rules, society will try to punish you. if you don't want to be punished, follow these rules.

Same is with Law - if you don't follow law, law will try to punish you. Gays and lesbians have been fighting this battle with law, for ages. Law has recently started to give them their basic human rights - not because they were wrong earlier and  justified now - but because now there is a majority that believes being homosexual is not wrong.

Society is not evil . It feels just as justified and righteous for every action, as you do ! It is as justified evil as you are !

  • You can chose to follow these social rules blindly, follow them partially with your judgment or ignore them completely.
  • When you choose to go with the social rules, you choose to have an easier survival tactics - ie. safety of a herd.
  • When you chose not follow society rules, your own survival becomes your own responsibility and harder. Deal with it, instead of cribbing about it.

Problem with people :- they try to claim their "freedom" from social rules by giving themselves "self-righteous" or "modern" reasons - and then expect society to give the safety of herd.
Now thats a Stupid Expectation.

Why is this society important in a relationship?
Well, your parents, your relatives, your peers  - all these will intervene in every relationship of yours and every personal choice of yours - directly or indirectly.

When you learn this 2 facts about society, you will
1. learn to not give stupid social or anti-social reasons to justify what you want to do

2. realize that your identity in society will be based on how they see you - you can't change that but your identity in your mind can be based on how you see yourself.

Weird observation, when the society is against someone, that person usually starts to mistreat the person nearest to him/her !
What do you think correct observation or Incorrect observation ?

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