Monday, September 9, 2013

Living without fear of consequences - an experiment - Day 1

The first day was really eventful. Now I realize why people like to "live on the edge".
There is no boredom or even serenity - your whole day will be filled with different kind of experiences - good or bad.
Only in 1 day, I see huge changes in my personality. A guy who usually talks only after 2 drinks, was striking conversations with every one ! Wohhaaa ! No body taught me this trick in "personality development" books. Anyway, here are my experiences - whether they were good for me , or bad - I am not judging . Just stating the facts.

Eventful experiences
I am usually very  calm and serene whole day long, and enjoy the extreme emotions once in a while with friends or family. But on "Day 1" , I was either very happy or very angry or very sad or very sexually active. Eventful is the life, and thats how you live it, dawg.

Everything was in the past , when the moment has passed
I fought with someone. When the fight got over, I was happily munching some popcorns. I did not care who I fought with few moments ago - or why. I was head-banging on some song, and suddenly I was sad at something. I did not care about the song any more, just that I am sad. I did not care what happened a moment ago ! Every thing in past - was out of my head.
No Fear
When I stopped thinking of the future consequences, I had no sense of fear in what ever I did. Fear is not a "bad" thing - it keeps you alive. But it can also stop you from doing a lot of things. Like, chatting confidently  with a stranger, experiencing your 350 cc bike at full throttle,  looking into the eye of double sized stranger who is acting like a jerk and threatening to kick his ass,  or maxing out your credit card.
People can also do things with "thinking of consequences" - but this way - they are just way much easier to perform.

Every one was either with me , or WRONG.
This is the one, I got scared of! Everyone, who stopped me from fulfilling my desires, were completely wrong- and I even had fully justified reasons of why they were wrong.

I didnt work, and I lied to boss that I did. Jerk, cant he understand that I work so hard everyday - why I had to work today also. I need an extended weekend , and he cant understand that - what can I do except lie.

Even that 60 kmph speed limit sign board - ofcourse it was wrong. How the hell can he tell me that I can not take that curve at 100 kmph ? ( But rule no.1 - break no law. So I had to come down at 55 kmph :)   )

So, If you help me in completing my desires, you are my best buddy, or go fuck yourself.

No judgements vs Fully Judgmental
I did not judge any of my actions, even for a single moment. I had no reasons to. I did what I wanted to do. Isnt that we all should be doing in life, Do what you want.
But other people. They are just big assholes I tell you. One guy on bike was rash driving in front of me. Doesn't the bloody loser know how to drive . Fucking "rich dad's kid". Spending dad's money and acting like a wanna be on the streeet. Go home to your mom you fucker.

Cared about my looks
This one contradicts the last point below. I could not understand why.
I was one of those geeky guys, who doesn't care which color or design my shirt is - as long as it is hiding my manly chest hairs B-) . But that changed. I had perfectly combed hairs whole day long. Contact lenses with sun glasses were out. Shirt was even ironed on day 1 :O And at-last, I felt like pumping iron all day long. Need to get those abs, dude.
No self image.
And last one, I have suddenly started using a lot of curse words ! I do not care what people think about me any more - or infact what I think about my self anymore. People are bloody losers anyway - expect for my buddies.

All I know is what I want, and I am right, you are fucking wrong if you say otherwise.


  1. This is an interesting experiment. I'm guess it went either one of two ways: You woke up on Day 2 with a hangover and changed your mind; or you went full throttle and decided that blogging about it actually goes against the very thing you were trying to do. (And then slowly settled back into your more contemplative self of the period of a couple weeks.)

    So, how did it turn out?

    1. :) My future posts will contain the answer to that query

  2. I think that exists 2 types of YOLO people.
    1: Hedonists. It's not pretend you don't have consequences or past, you just don't care for consequences, or unconsciously you think that you can live with the consequences because the pleasure that you're feeling is fckng awesome.

    2: Some people might be YOLO, just because their to stupid to realize that choices have consequences.

    If you started from one day to another curse people, judge them and, as you said, you did'nt do this before, so I think you are acting like the 2o kind of yolo guys. You don't have to be disrespectful, you can live doing whatever you want to do without hurting anybody. I think you may have a distorced vision about this subject, or at least, a very generic point of view.

    I will follow your experience because I'm really interested, but I think you can do this other way.

    Respect, Bro! You only live once!


    1. I wasnt aware of Hedonism school of thought. Thanks Fernando for introducing it to me.

      My experiment was about second kind of YOLO, that you mentioned of. I know, I am going with the "usual" point of view, as people around me think of YOLO ie. to "achieve pleasure" without thinking about the consequences. Infact, even if a thought comes, it is instantaneously dusted off by one of these 2 thoughts:-
      1. Everyone else is also doing it, so its cool to do it. Dont think too much.
      2. Chillax, nothing bad is gonna happen. Dont think too much.

      My experiment has ended. I will soon follow up with a post.