Monday, September 9, 2013

Living without fear of consequences - an experiment

I have always believed that life is not about right or wrong - but choices and consequences. If you chose to not study for exam - your consequences are failing that exam or cheating in the exam.  If you chose to hurt a friend, your consequences are - hope that friend will forgive you - or lose the friendship.
We want our choices - our way to live, but no one tells us what consequences of this choices will be.

That's what I had always believed in. But someone recently told me that I think too much, and should "Just do it" because YOLO ( You only live once ) . We argued a bit, but then I thought, instead of preaching others, I should join the other side for once - and experience living without fear of any consequences. Do what I want. If I want to drive fast, I will. If I want to skip office for sleeping extra hours, I will. If I want to work, I will. If I want to eat unhealthy, drink, smoke - I will. If I want to fight with someone, I will fight without fear of getting beaten up :D

Without any fear of what might be consequence of my desires, I will do it. No priorities, no responsibilities, no future plannings - only fulfilling desires of this moment .

This might sound too extreme to you. But think about it. Haven't you ever done something without fear of what will happen in future ? Eg. buying on your credit card, without knowing whether you can pay for it later on or not. Or bunking class "just to have fun". Or stealing money from your father's pocket. Well, I am just going to try out and do these "something"s every-time.

So, from this morning I woke up with strong belief  in this mantra - live this moment , not the previous, not the next - only this moment. Started with full throttle, driving at 120 on my bike for hours, first time in my life. Went on to listen to songs at full volume without caring about the neighbours - because I wanted to listen to my favourite song at full volume.

But, like every experiment needs some rules, here are a few of this one.
1. Do not break any law.
2. Do not put any one else's life in danger.
3. Do not force my own desires on any one else.
4. Don't do any thing "bad" or "good". If that good/bad judgemental thought has arrived in my mind - move on to something else instead.
5. Do anything that I want, no matter how crazy, risky or socially un-acceptable it is or even if it break hearts of near and dear ones - do anything except mentioned in rules 1 , 2 , 3 , 4.

I will share my experiences soon. If I dont, expect that I have died in some bike accident :O

you crazy YOLO , here I come.

Kids and adults - do not try this at home - but actually you already are - just the level is different for each one of you :P

Update - Day 1 experiences

Cookie :- Ervin McKinness, a 21-year-old aspiring rapper, tweeted about driving drunk at 120 mph minutes before dying in a fiery one-car crash that killed the rapper and four others.


  1. Your friends told you to think less, so you made a controlled experiment with strict set of rules about how you're going to live careless?

    And you've decided to introspect yourself closely so you can write about the experiment.

    This is going to be good.

  2. Anon,
    In this experiment there is no concept of careless or careful. Just act on your first impulse and feed to your current emotional demand :)
    This is going to be eventful :)

  3. Heh. A lot of it actually sounds quite like mindfulness meditation.

  4. I have not meditated ever. So, I can not confirm what it sounds like. But the intention was to "actually understand", certain people in my life, and the reason behind, what I perceive as their "irrational and irresponsible" behaviour.